There are many benefits to enrolling in Coastline's Learning 1st program. This program in more affordable than many other 4-year programs, has a high retention rate and is student-centered.

Less expensive than most other 4-year degree programs

Average Yearly Tuition and Fee Rate Comparisons - 2014
Institution/Program Type Average Cost Average Savings
Sources: The College Board and the University of California
Private California Non-Profit 4 Year University $36,914 81%
Public 4 Year University (Out-of-State) $22,203 69%
For-Profit University $15,130 55%
Learning 1st Program $6,850
Average Learning 1st Yearly Tuition - 2014
Degree Average Cost
Human Services, BS $5,300
Computer Science, BS $6,500
Psychology, BA/BS $7,700
Business Administration, BBA $7,900

Our institutions have much higher retention and graduation rates compared to leading for-profit universities.

Leading National For-Profit University Retention and Graduation Rate - 2010
Program Level 3 Year 4 Year 6 Year 8 Year
Source: A leading national for-profit university 2011 Academic Annual Report
Revised Associate 2005 cohort 23% 24% n/a n/a
Bachelor 2003 cohort n/a n/a 31% 33%
Bachelor 2002 cohort n/a n/a 34% 36%
Learning 1st Partner Institutions Retention and Graduation Rates - 2011
Success Metrics Coastline1 PSWC Online2 UIllinois-Springfield UMass-Amherst
1Includes Military Programs
2Online baccalaureate programs require prior successful completion of 30 credit hours at an accredited college or university.
3Fall 2007 to Spring 2011
Source: 2012 Learning First Partner College & University Institutional Research Report
Retention Rates3 72% 71% 82% 83%
Graduation Rates3 64% 61% 66% 83%

Access to Advisors, Counselors, Tutors and University Partner Resources to help you throughout your program.