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By completing and submitting the online program application, and any other required materials for your selected degree pathway, your application will be reviewed by both schools in your desired program.

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Students who meet the FAFSA general eligibility criteria may be eligible to receive financial aid. Please see this website for more details:

Federal Student Aid - Basic Eligibility Criteria

Learning 1st is a collaborative partnership among Pennsylvania State University (Penn State World Campus), Troy University (Troy), the University of Illinois-Springfield (Online UIS), the University of Massachusetts (UMass-Amherst), and Coastline College. The program is designed to decrease the amount of time and cost required for students to earn a bachelor's degree in an online format from a prominent four-year university.

Students will receive lower division/general education instruction from Coastline College based upon the student's desired degree path. Students who meet the required university standards of admission (GPA, etc.) will then complete their bachelor's degree with the online university partner without having to submit a second admissions application or application fee.

Students must meet the following requirements to remain in the Learning 1st program:

  • Penn State World Campus, Troy University & University of Illinois-Springfield

    Students must maintain a 2.0 minimum grade point average to remain eligible in this program.

  • University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Isenberg School of Management

    Students who have been admitted to the Conditional Enrollment Program will be assured space in the Online BBA upon completion of their Associate degree provided that they maintain continuous enrollment and meet all requirements, including a 2.7 minimum grade point average, for entry into the major.

The partner institutions currently offer comprehensive and robust online programs to their students. Each of the program collaborations will provide a unique student experience based upon the distinct online resources and services of the partner schools. Every L1st student will be assigned advisors upon admission to the program. These advisors will work together with the student to ensure that each student is able to meet the requirements necessary to earn both an Associate and Bachelor degree in their chosen pathway.

Students also receive access to both schools online resources, student services and virtual libraries upon initial admission to the program. At the time of transfer to the university, no additional application or fee is required.

Students who complete the program within four years are guaranteed the following:

  • Penn State World Campus* & University of Illinois-Springfield

    4 year tuition rate freeze (*once a student begins taking their courses)

  • Troy University & University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Isenberg School of Management

    4 year tuition rate freeze (*once a student begins taking their courses)

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